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All 14th World Scout Jamboree Items – 1975
Lake Mjosa, Lillehammer, Norway, 1975. Popularly named "Nordjamb '75". 17,259 participants from 91 countries were present. Theme: "Five Fingers, One Hand", symbolizing the five joint Nordic hosts and the five world Scout regions in one brotherhood. Hiking in the mountains in international patrols, activity areas, Nordic trail, superb choir, visit to Maihaugen Cultural Museum, and all the fun at the Jamboree Country Fair. H.M. the King of Norway opened the Jamboree, which was also visited by H.M. the King of Sweden and H.R.H. the Crown Prince of Morocco.


1975 World Jamboree Participant Patch
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1975 World Jamboree Participant Patch
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62mm x 48mm, silk

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