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All 19th World Scout Jamboree  Items– 1998-1999
Picarquin, Chile, 1998-99. The Andean foothills served as a backdrop for the first World Scout Jamboree ever held in Latin America, and the last Jamboree of the century. It was officially opened by Chilean President Eduardo Frei. 31,000 Scouts, leaders and staff from 157 countries and territories attended. The theme "Building Peace Together" was reinforced by the 3rd Global Development Village which was bigger and better than ever with the involvement of 11 United Nations agencies, and by the signing of an anti-personnel land mine agreement between Handicap International and World Scouting. This was a Jamboree that emphasized the education of Scouts about the world and its problems and it demonstrated how Scouts can and do make a difference.
Operation Los Andes, with contributions from many contingents, made possible the Jamboree participation of 56 countries and territories. For the first time, Amerindian Scouts from Latin America participated in a Jamboree, through help from UNESCO.

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